Easy to Use

Using a standard K-cup

~  Step 1: Un-Screw Make1Cup Cartridge Holder, remove Mesh-Filter Basket

~  Step 2: Use the Cup Pin and make a hole in the bottom of any K-cup

~  Step 3: Place the K-cup inside of the Make1Cup Cartridge Holder

~  Step 4: Screw the Cartridge Holder onto the Make1Cup funnel

~  Step 5: Remove Coffee Maker filter holder and replace with Make1Cup

Without a K-cup

~  Fill Mesh-Filter Basket with your favorite Coffee/tea

~  Place Mesh-Filter Basket in Cartridge Holder and screw to funnel

Without a Coffee-Maker AT ALL!

~  Place the Funnel and Cartridge Holder foot onto the Extended Foot

~  Place assembly on top of a coffee cup mug

~  Slowly pour one cup of boiling water from microwave into the funnel


*Read-Please do your part to reduce K-cup waste!


– Eliminates the need for K-cups
– Eliminates paper filters
– Eliminates the need to buy a single serve beverage brewer
– Eliminates over-brew coffee waste
– Eliminates the need for tea bag waste (use dried tea leaves)
– And, eliminates the need to buy a coffee maker COMPLETELY!

Great for Campers!
and Dorm Rooms

With Make1Cup, you don’t need a coffee maker at all!

Cup Attachment On Cup Proto 3: Disassembled Partially assembled Fully Assembled Placed in Mr. Coffee Mr Coffee closeup
Simply twist the Make1Cup foot into the cup attachment and place the whole assembly on top of any standard coffee cup/mug.
Use either a K-cup or the re-usable filter basket filled with your favorite coffee, loose tea or even soup.
Heat 1 cup of water using a microwave, camping stove, or campfire.
Slowly pour the cup of water into the funnel top.
Wait 2 mins and you’ll be enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee, tea, or soup right by the campfire without carrying a coffee maker out into the woods.

Easy Clean-up

Circle_check_sm_greyUnscrew Beverage Holder from Funnel
Circle_check_sm_greyPlease Recycle K-cup (Remove and discard foil)
Circle_check_sm_greyPlace used coffee in Compost
Circle_check_sm_greyRinse parts with warm water and dish soap
Circle_check_sm_greySet parts on your drying rack to dry
Circle_check_sm_greyEasy storage: Set parts inside of basket inside of fully assembled Make1Cup