Easy to Use

Using a standard K-cup

~  Step 1: Un-Screw Make1Cup Cartridge Holder, remove Mesh-Filter Basket

~  Step 2: Use the Cup Pin and make a hole in the bottom of any K-cup

~  Step 3: Place the K-cup inside of the Make1Cup Cartridge Holder

~  Step 4: Screw the Cartridge Holder onto the Make1Cup funnel

~  Step 5: Remove Coffee Maker filter holder and replace with Make1Cup

Without a K-cup

~  Fill Mesh-Filter Basket with your favorite Coffee/tea

~  Place Mesh-Filter Basket in Cartridge Holder and screw to funnel

Without a Coffee-Maker AT ALL!

~  Place the Funnel and Cartridge Holder foot onto the Extended Foot

~  Place assembly on top of a coffee cup mug

~  Slowly pour one cup of boiling water from microwave into the funnel


*Read-Please do your part to reduce K-cup waste!


– Eliminates the need for K-cups
– Eliminates paper filters
– Eliminates the need to buy a single serve beverage brewer
– Eliminates over-brew coffee waste
– Eliminates the need for tea bag waste (use dried tea leaves)
– And, eliminates the need to buy a coffee maker COMPLETELY!

Great for Campers!
and Dorm Rooms

With Make1Cup, you don’t need a coffee maker at all!

Cup AttachmentOn CupProto 3: DisassembledPartially assembledFully AssembledPlaced in Mr. CoffeeMr Coffee closeup
Simply twist the Make1Cup foot into the cup attachment and place the whole assembly on top of any standard coffee cup/mug.
Use either a K-cup or the re-usable filter basket filled with your favorite coffee, loose tea or even soup.
Heat 1 cup of water using a microwave, camping stove, or campfire.
Slowly pour the cup of water into the funnel top.
Wait 2 mins and you’ll be enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee, tea, or soup right by the campfire without carrying a coffee maker out into the woods.

Easy Clean-up

Circle_check_sm_greyUnscrew Beverage Holder from Funnel
Circle_check_sm_greyPlease Recycle K-cup (Remove and discard foil)
Circle_check_sm_greyPlace used coffee in Compost
Circle_check_sm_greyRinse parts with warm water and dish soap
Circle_check_sm_greySet parts on your drying rack to dry
Circle_check_sm_greyEasy storage: Set parts inside of basket inside of fully assembled Make1Cup